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How Does Portable Dental Unit Enhance Dental Practice?

Are you a dental professional looking for advanced ways to level up your dental practice? Modern portable dental units are the go-to solution that will help your dental practice quickly and allow you to serve more patients. Try to indulge in mobile dentistry so you can maximize your professionalism and be ready to face all hurdles on your way. 

This blog will be full of the information that dentists, orthodontists, and related professionals need to shift from traditional dentistry procedures to portable dentistry and equipment. So, continue reading if you are also looking for a way to level up your dental practice. Further, we will share how mobile dentistry benefits the experts in this field. 

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Portable Dental Equipment:

A portable dental unit plays a vital role in portability and functionality. A well-protected unit housing the dentistry tools and equipment from solid materials to the water supply in a suitcase makes the best mobile dental unit on the go. Undoubtedly, it is a logical approach to tackle health disparities in the USA. 

A portable unit is easy to carry and operate with an electrical source. Moreover, it has unique flexibility regarding the time and place. Taking a portable unit makes the dentist’s practice more accessible to the communities that need it, especially in times of emergency. Recently, mobile dentistry has been beneficial during the time of COVID-19. 

Components of a Portable Dental Unit:

the dental blue box portable unit front face

When it comes to convenience, there is no way to compromise on the standard of services. A portable unit has a complete structure of equipment needed for dental treatment, such as:

  • Saliva ejectors
  • Air motor sockets
  • Turbine sockets
  • High and low-volume suction
  • Handpiece flush system
  • Dual voltage switchable

How Mobile Dentistry Benefits the Orthodontists?

Mobile dentistry might be your answer as a medical professional figuring out how to reach patients challenged by going to a dentist. It has the power to evolve the traditional dental practice into a 100% mobile service, but not all agree to this transformation anytime soon. Practicing mobile dentistry also has a potential effect on shifting the focus from symptomatic care to preventive care. 

For professionals, mobile dentistry brings ease, comfort, and time flexibility. The dentistry experts will be able to bridge the barrier of access by bringing the equipment to individuals who cannot go out for various reasons. In this way, it is a win-win for both the patient and the dentists. 

8 Benefits of Portable Dental Units for Dentists

Apart from patients looking for mobile dentistry, portable dental delivery systems are a blessing for general practitioners. It has the following benefits for dentists at clinics and professional settings:

1: Higher-Quality Patient Experience 

Small and portable dental units are more accessible and easier to carry from one place to another. In addition, they are quieter than the bigger units, creating the perfect peaceful ambiance for patients and dentists. 

With a peaceful and calm environment, dentists offer a better and more positive patient experience as they have no sound distractions and stay well-focused. This results in a higher customer service rating and enhanced word-of-mouth advertising by potential patients. 

Furthermore, it has the power to scale up the practice as mobile dentistry can accommodate the patient’s needs, whether one patient or a small group of patients in one place. 

2: Time and place freedom

To many of us, receiving proper dental care is the purpose of keeping up the dental care that our teeth and gums need. But, for many, it is a luxury, such as those who are disabled and have monetary limitations and location concerns. 

For elderly, homebound, and physically disabled people, this option offers dental care at their doorstep. In addition, it eliminates the gap between the outreached population and clinics and reduces the cost, time, and energy spent on traveling to far-off places. 

As a dentist, you can enjoy time and place freedom as you may get requests for the primary services for the patients who cannot travel. For these kinds of situations, a portable dental unit is what you need.

Dentists can enjoy the perks of their schedule with patients restricted to their houses. Moreover, showing empathy for such patients adds to the patient experience and can help dentists gain more word-of-mouth advertising.

3: High-performance power source

Dental Blue Box has dental units with a compressor and without internal compressors. The portable dental units with air compressors are very efficient and cost-effective. They have budget-friendly methods of powering tools as compared to other power resources such as electricity.  

4: Noise Reduction

Many dental practitioners are concerned about the noise of the equipment that can be distracting. There is no air compressor in the old tools and equipment, which creates noise in the clinics and causes dental phobia in patients. Studies reveal anxiety and fear eliciting in children due to the drills sounds in dentistry. 

To improve patient experience, dental units with air compressors run the handpieces and reduce noise pollution. Portable dental equipment is convenient in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and old age houses. 

5: More efficient use of tools

Portable dental units are very beneficial in small dental clinics as they are easily transferred to different places in a dental clinic when needed. According to dental health professionals, they are also efficient in administering treatment from different angles, which makes their practice more effective.  

Additionally, portable dental equipment helps dentists maneuver their dental treatment easily and comfortably. Flexibility in movement, time, and place makes this product a must-have for professionals. 

6: Dental infection control

Dental treatment is compassionate and crucial to the risk of exposure to bacterial infections. Cross-contamination is very common among clinics as different individuals take oral treatments at the same place with the same tools and equipment. 

No proper sterilization of tools and equipment can increase the risk of oral infections in patients. But, with portable dental units, clean air potentially reduces this risk. Using portable air in mobile dental units reduces the risk of patients contracting infections, as the units are designed to benefit all dental procedures.

7: Convenience right on your hands

Technological advancements have made it possible to perform diagnoses and X-rays with 3D imaging. Additionally, patients can scan their teeth and gums with a mobile application. Mobile apps link to the dental devices for collaboration features offered in some applications. 

Likewise, dentists can collaborate with their patients to find effective and convenient ways of dentistry. Mobile dentistry is another addition to the series of innovative dental care solutions. Dentists can schedule their appointments according to their routine, bringing more flexibility to their work-life balance. 

Aside from the power source and their flexibility, let’s take a moment to appreciate the designs of a dental portable unit. The units are designed well, keeping their functions and operations in mind. Well-designed mobile dental units contain systems that allow operation outside the clinic and offer the utility of feeling the convenience right in your hands. 

8: Extra source of income

Lastly, another advantage of getting hands-on portable dental units is having another income stream. Every soul seeks extra income streams in this inflation era to secure their future. 

Along with the traditional dental practice job, now professionals can serve the community as mobile dental officers while enjoying their schedule. It adds to your financial needs and helps carry your practice out of commission during a natural disaster or any other reason. 

Key takeaway:

Mobile dentistry is a new branch of dentistry evolving in this healthcare field. Digital technologies are a bridge for patients and doctors to bring them closer with easy access to oral health care for everyone. 

In today’s era, there is a need to develop solutions for portable dentistry, and portable is one initiative. Being able to move forward with the dental practice demands, mobile dental units at a reasonable price undoubtedly add to patient-centered dental care, dentist practice, and innovation. 

If you are also thinking of revolutionizing your dental services and standing above in the market, purchase your portable unit today!


What is a portable dental unit?

A portable dental unit is a set of instruments and handpieces with or without a built-in compressor self-contained in a suitcase for easy transportation and convenient use at remote locations. 

What is a dental delivery unit?

A dental delivery unit is a set of air- or electric-powered dental equipment the dentist controls during practice. A delivery unit design supports easy access to handpieces, vacuums, and syringes. 

What are dental units?

Dental units contain the tools and instruments professionals need to perform dental treatment for their patients. They have specific equipment such as a dental chair, cuspidor, aspirator, and more. 

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