Warranty Protection Plan

Introducing Our Refresh Warranty Protection Plan

Unparalleled Coverage: Our refresh warranty offers an extensive range of coverage that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warrantty. From mechanical and electrical failures to parts replacements, we’ve got you covered!

Stress-Free Repairs: We understand the hassle of dealing with repairs. Our process is seamless – one call to our dedicated support team, and we’ll handle the rest, from a certified repair center to covering the costs.

No Deductibles: Enjoy stress-free service without any hidden fees. There are no deductibles or extra charges when you need repairs or replacements.


What's in the box?

Features and Benefits

Ship your unit to our services center for a complete refresh service anytime within your extended protection plan period (you are responsible for the shipping cost to our service center). Our complete service would include sterilization of your unit both internally and externally, replacing and repairing any damages to the dental unit (with the exception of the compressor and extensive case damage.), and shipping it back to you. A complete refresh service to ensure your dental unit is ready for your next dental service project.




Warranty Protection Plan
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